The Power of Equanimity to Enable Positive Action

Equanimity is a key to being able to navigate the sea of change in these days of political divisions, resistance, aggression, turmoil and uncertainty, and to play your role in the unfolding drama. It is a critical element in healthy relationships.
The Fighting Cock
Lao Tzu tells of an Emperor who turns a prized rooster over to his bird trainer to make it a master fighter. Every day the emperor asked the trainer, "Is the bird ready?" The trainer responded first that the bird is too vain and confident, then, he's too easily aroused; he gets angry, threatening and excited. Finally the bird is ready.  He  stands serene; calmly present. His power is transmitted subtly by his presence. He is not aggressive, ruffled or angry.  "No other fighter will stand against him. They will turn and flee." 1