How Do We Get the Results We Want? - The Power of Process Thinking

How often do you explore the question, " How did this happen?" or " How did we get here - into this situation? " These are questions that, when used wisely, enable you to learn from experience. Then there is the question " How can we make something happen? " The something can be anything.
To answer these questions, use process thinking:
Everything is caused by something. 
Every event, feeling, thought, word or action, miracles included, is the result of a process.  
A process is a set of steps. Processes are performed to accomplish something - produce a widget, process a claim, paint a picture, etc. On a personal level, processes occur internally (digestion, circulation, emotional responses) and in all our relationships. A process leads to an outcome. Every outcome is the result of a process. An outcome may be an event, good or bad mood, peace, prosperity, chronic pollution, corruption or war.