Making Friends with Anxiety

How to Be Happy Even When You Are Scared

We are living in "interesting times."
A pandemic rages. Like an earthquake, it creates waves to disrupt personal, economic, political and social lives. To add more fuel to the fire, we live in politically divided countries within an ideologically and politically divided world shifting towards authoritarianism and isolationism as people seek security at any cost.
Here are a few things you can do:
  • Get ready for anything, be okay with uncertainty and impermanence
  • Remember that anxiety is just a complex of physical sensations, feelings and thoughts triggered by an event and uncertainty, and fueled by unrealistic expectations and worry. You are not anxiety; you are being visited by anxiety
  • Meditate
  • Chant - something as simple as breathing in and breathing out sounding AHHH, the sound of deep relaxation or anything else that makes you calm and happy
  • If you are into it, chant and visualize and/or pray to whatever god, goddess, spirit or protector that can help to alleviate your anxiety
  • Make friends with anxiety. Treat it like a visitor. Say "Hello anxiety. How are you? What can I do for you?" Let it be and let it go
  • Tell anxiety that you will not feed it. Smile and let it go away on its own
  • Breathe through it - inhaling positive energy, letting it circulate throughout your body, picking up negativity and then breath it out - slow, deep and easy
  • Visualize a positive outcome
  • Clean the house, reorganize the fridge, run around
  • Listen to music dance and sing.

As Meher Baba taught, "Do your best. Don't Worry. Be Happy." 

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