Make the Earth Green Again - Warriors of the Rainbow

"When the Earth is dying a new tribe of people
shall come unto the Earth from many colors, classes, creeds, who by their actions and deeds
shall make the Earth green again.
They will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow." 
~Attributed to Hopi Prophecy
Sometimes I think prophesies are aspirations rather than inspired visions of the future. Though, it is comforting to think that they are magical emanations of wisdom, destined to come true. Either way, what we do, say, and think matters.  
No doubt the earth is dying. Everything dies. The timing and the quality of life along the way are influenced by how well something is cared for. Our bodies are likely to last longer if we treat them well, with the right exercise, mindset, and diet. Abuse them and old age is more uncomfortable than it needs to be.