Achieving Great Success

Wanting success is both a curse and a blessing.


Success is accomplishment. Wanting success is both a curse and a blessing.
It is a curse when it is out of reach and a cause of disappointment. A blessing when there is clarity about what success means and acceptance if it is not achieved. Wanting success motivates achieving it. Clinging to success gets in the way.
Great Success - Living Happily and Skillfully
It is said that achieving a single objective is a small success and that the greatest success is living happily and skillfully.
Living happily is founded on the acceptance of things as they are. Those things include our passions, capabilities, and conditions. Living skillfully is persistently being mindfully self-aware, being of service, causing no harm, and dynamically balancing work and the rest of life. These are the basics. They lead to the experience of personal health, healthy relationships, and optimal performance. These are the indicators of great success. Happiness emerges with them. 
Skillful living supports happiness and happiness supports skillful living.

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