“The Zen Approach to Project Management brings together sound wisdom, a nuts-and-bolts grasp of practicalities, and original insights. It's the Zen that's been missing in all too many of today's business books, and George Pitagorsky is the master we've needed.”
- Daniel Goleman, author Social Intelligence


George Pitagorsky is a Master Teacher of Mindfulness and Mindfulness Based Management Strategies...period. I say this as a long-term meditation practitioner and student. George embodies what he writes about and effortlessly dispenses practical wisdom in a straightforward manner that produces real results. The Dalai Lama suggests observing a teacher over time to get a sense of their sincerity and effectiveness. I have done this with George for years, and can personally attest to his authenticity. My own meditation practice and day-to-day conscious awareness has been greatly elevated by learning from and associating with George. He is somewhat under the radar as far as big name teachers go, but his wisdom and effectiveness are on par with the best. This, in my view, makes his teaching (and books) that much more alluring. I highly suggest you check him out.

- Brian Simmons


“George is just the right guy if you are looking for a consulting expert to take a look at your issues from both conventional and non-conventional sides. He has in depth conventional consulting tenure and know-how, which he successfully augments with refreshing out-of-the-box thinking and unconventional wisdom.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Mark Engelhardt hired George as a Keynote Speaker & Trainer


 “I enjoy attending Global Conferences just so I can network with people like George Pitagorsky! Not only is George is a project management expert and outstanding speaker, but he is also down to Earth. George has earned the respect of many PMPs, including myself, who have stood in line to hear him speak. George's business acumen and professionalism have earned him my lasting professional respect.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Exper

Sandy Harris, PMP hired George as a IT Consultant


 “George is one of the brightest minds I had the pleasure to work with. His capability to think outside the box is impressive and he adds real value in any endeavor he is involved. George is a worldwide reference in the Project Management arena.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with George on several occasions involving consultation, assessment, and recommendations for improvements to client organizations regarding project management skills and competency along with organizational maturity. George displays an outstanding level of expertise and communicates with an ease and fluidity that is always refreshing. George is a true expert in the arena of enterprise project management and adult learning. I hope someday to have an opportunity to work George again!”

Michael Connolly, worked directly with George


“I have known George close to 8 years. We have worked together on several products, customer proposals and customization projects. I have found George knowledgeable, insightful; able to communicate with people at all levels and highly trustworthy. More than anything else his professional integrity is visible when you work with him. I also find George intellectually stimulating and very interesting and have always enjoyed our conversations on topics that transcend our immediate areas of specialty and business. I will always welcome the opportunity to work with George on any project.”

Ardi Ghorashy, M. Sc., PMP, PgMP, Senior Executive Director, Global Solutions, IIL Canada Inc. worked directly with George at Pitagorsky Consulting


“In his role as Sr. Enterprise Solutions Advisor at IIL, George is a detail oriented project management expert who approaches work with professionalism and considerable expertise. George is a team player and can be relied on for his trusted and well thought out approach, and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend George.”

Linda Acton, Business Development Manager, IIL Canada worked with George at Pitagorsky Consulting


 “I worked with George on several client-specific training and competency assessment projects. George is a real expert in his area of work. He knows everything about project management and adult learning. I also reviewed his book "The Zen Approach to Project Management". There he describes his own philosophy about project management, which is a very practical, holistic way of managing projects successfully. His approach takes the process and the inter-personal aspects into consideration and demonstrates how one is supporting the other. A "must-read" for every project management practitioner. It was always a pleasure and a good experience for me working with George. He is a true team player and wise leader.”

Ralf Friedrich , Executive Coach & Senior Trainer, worked indirectly for George at Pitagorsky Consulting


“I've known George for 6 plus years and few people I've met are as professionally and personally impressive as he. George's business acumen and insight serve him well and has supported me in several instances. He is one of the most grounded individuals I've met, as evidenced by his book "The Zen Approach to Project Management." Whether helping solve business problems or helping resolve people problems, George is a tremendous asset that I count myself lucky to have access to...”

Eoin Callan, Senior Instructor, worked directly with George at Pitagorsky Consulting


 “George is an expert and an outstanding trainer in Project, Program and Portfolio Management. His expertise spans from the expertise to facilitate strategic discussions with Senior Management, to training project managers and project teams. George was Solution Advisor responsible for the design of the recommended curriculum, to a specific learning solution. An expert in Quality and Processes, George is the author of IIL's Unified Project Management Methodology. I worked with George as a client as well. Above all, George is always open to learn new concepts and ideas and to apply them with flexibility, always striving for highest quality of performance.”

Zeljka Pavic, Managing Director, IIL Canada Inc. worked indirectly for George at Pitagorsky Consulting


 “George is the most capable project management and knowledge management expert I know. George was the advisor for IIL's successful UPMM product. Previously, I worked with George as his client. George always provides useful, correct, and - most importantly - well guided advice and pragmatic solutions. George has a gift to put you at ease and help you solve all your problems.”

 - Sasha Sona Law, Product Manager of Unified Project Management Methodology, International Institute for Learning, Inc. worked indirectly for George at International Institute for Learning


 "George is one of the brightest instructors that I worked with at IIL. If you need details from me please feel free to contact me directly at docdoc@microsoft.com. Regards Doc"

Mark Dochterman, Microsoft, worked directly with George at Pitagorsky Consulting


"George is a driven project manager, consultant, trainer, author and presenter. I have had the pleasure to work with George during many years and he has consistently pushed the boundaries, in a positive way, of our work. I would highly recommend George as an accomplished partner."

Guy Grindborg, Vice President (VP), International Institute for Learning worked directly with George at Pitagorsky Consulting